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Run by a duo of metaphor enthusiasts, simile lovers, and typo haters, Writers Tales is the go-to place where authors transform their ideas into vibrant works of literature.

Boasting a team of over 260 seasoned writers, a cumulative word count surpassing 500,000 words, and over 1,500 successful project completions, we take pride in being the best in our craft.

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We didn’t become the No.1 book writers in the US by smashing buttons; we
used strategic planning and offered clients what no one else did.


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root of all problems, so we
keep our distance from it.

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We treasure the trust our
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would never dream of hurting

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As per your book’s
requirements, a ghostwriter is
allotted to you from the get-

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Our 0% plagiarism policy
ensures all clients get
authentic, custom, and unique

Services we offer

Driven by an unwavering commitment to unmatched quality and total customer satisfaction,
we infuse the very essence of your narrative into our words at Writers Tales. This
process molds the final product into an original and unique literary work. Utilizing our
extensive experience and knowledge as guiding tools, we meticulously craft bespoke
strategies tailored to our clients’ interests.

Embark on a literary journey with Writers Tales’ ghostwriting service, where your narrative dreams come to life effortlessly. Our seasoned ghostwriters skillfully weave your ideas into a captivating manuscript, ensuring your voice and vision shine through. Whether you’re a busy professional or a public figure seeking a literary partner, our tailored service handles the writing process from inception to completion. With a commitment to confidentiality and a proven track record of delivering impactful narratives, let us transform your concepts into polished prose, allowing you to share your story while we handle the intricacies of the written word.

At Writers Tales, our Editing & Formatting service is all about making your book the best it can be. Our skilled editors do the hard work of improving your writing, from fixing mistakes to making it read smoothly.

We also take care of the formatting, making sure your book looks just right. With our team’s experience, we make sure your writing is free of errors and ready to be published. We understand the ins and outs of editing and formatting, offering you a complete solution to turn your manuscript into a polished masterpiece.

With numerous ways to publish a book, the question arises: which is the perfect one for you?

Our publishing and marketing experts excel in devising publication strategies tailored to clients of different genres. From printing to distribution and marketing, our specialists handle every aspect for you.

Writers Tales is your all-in-one destination for top-notch brand and PR management services. With years of experience, our marketing specialists craft bespoke strategies, enhancing your book’s digital presence and boosting sales across genres. Our game plan involves maintaining a robust digital presence on social media, creative campaigns, and paid advertising.

What sets us apart is our dedication to quality and attention to detail. We meticulously curate a collection of stunning book cover designs, ensuring each one meets our high standards of visual appeal and artistic excellence.

Our collaborative approach allows authors and publishers to actively engage in the design process, bringing their unique vision to life. With Writers Tales, expect nothing less than exceptional book covers that leave a lasting impression.

Our Battle-Tested Process

Creative junkies like us are always a mess, so we developed a full proof plan to
eliminate all potential errors.


Draft Submission

Primary Editing




Secondary Editing




What Our Clients Say About Us

In my fourth endeavor with book writing services to publish my latest book, I can confidently say it has been the most enjoyable publishing experience I’ve ever had. I’m genuinely impressed by the care and dedication that book writing invests in authors, offering invaluable expertise to bring my envisioned book to life

Carri Schwab

A Publishing Journey of Joy

Writers Tales has revolutionized my approach to book writing. The team’s seasoned writers consistently deliver beyond the ordinary, demonstrating a commitment to excellence that makes them stand out. Working with them felt like more than just a service; it was a transformative partnership that left me genuinely impressed.

Kelly Brown

Game-Changing Partnership!

Writers Tales is a fantastic place to have your book written. They have skilled writers on board who go the extra mile to meet your expectations. I have worked with them and was truly impressed, making the journey to bring my book to life truly remarkable.

Deb Bedrosian

Impressive Expertise!

From the beginning to the end, the entire process was remarkably professional. Any concerns that arose were promptly addressed, and the final books exceeded my expectations. Receivers of the books had only positive remarks. I highly recommend book writing for anyone considering publishing.

Isabel Hartman

Exceptional job!

I recently worked with Writers Tales on a book project and I was truly impressed with the level of service I received. The process of writing and publishing my book was broken down into four stages; brainstorming, writing, editing, and publishing, and at each stage Writers Tales was exceptional.

Nicholas Deluca

Ghost Writing for Nonprofit Organization